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The Grand Canyon: Week Six (Phoenix)

Day 38-43: For the first time I have not been diligent with my photos. Fortunately, a wonderful new friend and coworker Gaby, joined me in Phoenix this week and captured some of the fun in the classrooms with her camera! Somehow this week flew by and it was difficult to capture it in images. At least a piece of the story can be shared here.

An image from a stormy blustery afternoon, birding at Tres Rios Wetlands…


Excited, eager-to-learn, kiddos!


Geology rocks!!!


A hike and birding adventure at the Gila River with my friend Bob from the Tetons. What a great reunion and fun way to unwind after long days of teaching.


Soaring like eagles around the classroom with a group of kindergartens!


This student’s “wingspan” reached just over 4 feet; about the same as a raven, but less than half of a condor’s wingspan!


Back at the canyon, Jason emerged after 12 straight days of monitoring the condors. His 6ft 3in “wingspan” wrapped me in a hug for which I am ever grateful. Good to be home!


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