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At home in winter

As brown fallen leaves decay into the bright blooms of spring, winter reflects back to us raw images of all the seasons. During this quiet reflective season my mind lingers over the images of the year gone by. The darkness with which the year began: on a crowded lonely island. The lightness with which the year transformed: with a rediscovered sense of place under the desert sun. The vitality with which the year progressed: amidst rejuvenating mountains and rivers and canyons. And the familiarity with which the year now ends: with a return to roots underneath the soft gray skies of the granite state.

A cold whisper pushes through the double paned glass and fading warmth from my ceramic mug of tea strains in competition. Outside, a sky the color of smoke seems to mute the dormant landscape. A gentle breeze visibly moves the white pines, but only the occasional creak and clatter from the basement furnace breaks the silence. If it is to be said that home is where the heart is, then with each journey, each adventure, my heart breaks further into pieces scattered by the wind; impossible to say where the heart fully rests. But today, at the end of a long year of choices and discoveries and landscapes unknown, the cold, gray breeze of a New England winter is all I need to find myself home again.